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It is the Department of our Community who does the work of accompaniment and vocational discernment with the candidates to become a member of the Community. This advisory is part of a responsible team to follow in a particular way each candidate, starting from the vocation meetings.

Which are the steps of the vocational path?

The first step is to request the beginning of the path of vocational discernment by email or by filling out the vocational record found in the mission houses. From the application, vocational staff will contact the candidate by providing information on the vocational path and clarifying questions for the beginning of discernment.

After this step, all the candidates who have the desire to start the vocational process should participate in the open vocational meetings that will allow for better contact with the charism. After the open vocational meeting, the candidate will receive letter or email invitating him/her to participate in the closed vocational meeting, where only those who were invited can participate.

After this closed vocational meeting, the candidate may be invited to participate for experience in community life, and in the course of this experience comes to an understanding with the vocational team about the next step to be taken. Understanding whether the pweson is entering the community, should wait a while, or accompany the community as a friend.

where vocational meetings are held?

In mission houses and cities that we go on mission to carry out vocational encounter. But traditionally we always perform vocational meetings at house where we have the presence of our founder and our co-founder Maria Salome (provided they are available).

How is this experience?

This experience is held for 15 to 20 days in the formation house. Where candidates share with the members of the house every day and being trained in the charisma and having a closer monitoring of their vocational accompany.

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